We endeavour to teach people how to build there own tiny house.

There are three main ways to build a tiny house.

1-Using a timber frame

2-Using a metal frame

3-Using Sip panel frame

We have been building tiny houses for years using all three methods and refined the process to a clear easy to follow system.

By following our systems we break down the complex task of building a tiny house into micro skills that are alot easier to achieve. When you combine these micro skills step by step into the correct system you will achieve amazing results whilst taking out all the confusion and doubt. 

exciting times ahead for all the tiny house aficionados


Finance the cost of the building materials as you build your tiny house with our partners at Handy Pay


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Timber frame Course

This course is for timber frame tiny houses and goes through every step of building 'Patara' a popular model of ours from start to finish.

Our Uber build system has been developed over years building tiny houses and now we are sharing all of the knowledge in this course.

Also included is access to our builders community forum where you can get the support you need and share the journey with like minded builders.

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Owner builder course.

This course if for anyone wanting to organise all the trades to build their tiny house but not actually pick up a tool your self, still saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

We have made information packs that you give to your tradesman to give them all the tiny house specific knowledge they need as well as step by instruction on how to manage and organise your tiny house build. 


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Steel and Sip panel house courses.

We will be making more courses building tiny houses with a steel frame and also using sip panels. 

Each build method has different pros and cons about it from price to strength to build weight. Its not possible to say which method is best,rather peoples different preferences and situation usually favours one over another.

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