We can custom design you a tiny house to suit your specific needs.

Living in a tiny house can have its challenges one of which is the most obvious SPACE! so getting a custom design done will ensure the space you do have will be made to suit your specific lifestyle.

Maybe you want a good desk as you work from home or maybe your more into lounging so want a large lounge room or maybe you have a child and want a private second loft. 

We can design your house specifically tailored to you! 


Skype consult

We consult about your tiny house layout and the aesthetics you desire.

3D model 

I draw up a 3d model of your home to scale, which you can then alter with 5 rounds of changes.

Architectual plans

2d architectural plans can then be made from the 3d model including floor plans,elevations and recommended electrical layout.

Realistic renders

Realistic renders of your home can be made to your desired aesthetics, so that you and the builders have a clear vision of what they need to do.


We design tiny houses for people worldwide and can build for the Australian market. The design process is the same whether we are building it or someone else.

Although if we are going to build it then we only need step 1 done with the 3d model. If your getting someone else to build it then we advise at least step 2 needs to be done to make 2d architectural plans.

Step 3 is optional to make the realistic renders.

Consult and 3d model

$1000 US

  • Consult on your design via skype or phone.
  • Draw 3d model to scale of your design.
  • You have 5 rounds of changes available.  (multiple things per round).
  • Free trailer plan on how I build my trailers.

2d architectual plans

$450 US

  • Detailed floor plans of downstairs and upstairs.
  • Up to 8 elevations of internal and external measurements of house.
  • Window size schedule.
  • Recommended electrical plan layout.
  • 3d images of realistic renders or of 3d model if renders not bought.

Realistic renders

$600 US

  • Consult of what aesthetics you want for your house.
  • 15 images of varios angles of your house.
  • Draft images shown and a chance for minor changes.
  • Finished in a presentable pdf document.

Contact us about your custom design house.

Reach out and say hello and ask about our availability to do your custom design.